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Shaping Garment, from below the bust area to mid thigh, made with an external fabric that provides strong control and a soft and cool to the touch lycra fabric with hydrating properties for the skin. The union of these two fabrics controls and defines the abdomen, thighs, waist, and glutes. It’s double reinforcement streamlines and firms up the abdomen. It doesn’t slip thanks to an elastic with silicone located on the top of the torso. Perfect to conceal cellulitis. Flat seams that don’t irritate the skin and go unnoticed. Shapes the glutes to make then look rounder. Ideal to be worn under dresses, jeans or pants


Control level.                            High
Material.                                     powernet
Molding area                            Abdomen, Buttocks, Mid-thigh
Adjustment mechanisms      Smooth
Style                                            mid-thigh
* Panty Prenda de alto control que moldea muslos, abdomen y glúteos * Moldea la silueta desde debajo del pecho hasta la mitad de los muslos * Doble refuerzo que estiliza y reafirma el abdomen * Elástico antideslizante con silicona en la parte superior del torso * Pasa desapercibido bajo la ropa gracias a sus costuras planas que además no irritan la piel * Abertura perineal que facilita el uso del baño * Se puede llevar debajo de vaqueros, vestidos o pantalones
Garment care
Washing: preferably by hand. Avoid the use of dryer. – Preferably use Fajate Soap- Avoid using ACCESSORIES that may damage the garment when putting it on (rings, bracelets, etc.) – Wash separately – Dry in the shade- Do not use bleach.


High Waisted Butt Enhancer 09451 09197


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