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why we love it.

  • Specially designed for hourglass body types. The waist runs a size smaller while hips runs a size bigger
  • This corset shaper features flexible boning – four bones in the front and two in the back — to shape and support the waist and torso area
  • With its high compression, waist reduction, and gluteus enhancement, this bodysuit is the ultimate solution for a sleek, streamlined silhouette.
  • Soft and super stretchy material in the glute area designed to shape up your glutes in a flattering and natural way
  • Adjustable straps ensure that straps won’t dig into your shoulders.
  • A high level of compression hugs curves, reducing the waist and enhancing the glutes.
  • Offers great back coverage.
  • Triple row of hooks for perfect comfort. 3 sizes in 1
  • Lycra material ensures excellent stretch and support
  • Inner silicone lining ensures shorts stay in place
  • The lace on the shorts also smooths out the seams to make it invisible under your outfits
  • Easy access perineal zipper for when nature calls
  • product details.There’s a reason corsets have been such popular shapewear garments for centuries — they do a fine job of creating that hourglass figure so many are after. That’s why the Jackie London 2880 is named after and inspired by corsets: it does the same thing!Much like a traditional corset, this high-compression bodysuit has boning — four bones in the front and two in the back — to support the waist and torso area. As the flexible boning helps flatten the tummy and cinch the waist, the backside of the garment’s design accents the hips and gives the booty a natural-looking lift.


    The 2880 Corset Bodysuit’s Powernet exterior and Lycra interior provide full coverage, while its adjustable 16-millimeter shoulder straps and three levels of frontal hooks give whoever dons this garment the freedom to choose how it fits their body. There’s even a perineal opening, so the bodysuit doesn’t have to be removed to go to the restroom.

  • Importan This hourglass shapewear has a different design. It is designed with a much smaller waist and larger hips than regular shapewear This reference is designed only for hourglass body types.


!!Hourglass!! body shaper with bones 2880


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