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why we love it

Post surgical garment ideal for breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, Brazilian Butt lift (BBL) and more

  • Built in Bra with 3 hooks that adjust to 3 different sizes
  • With its high compression, waist reduction, and gluteus enhancement, this bodysuit is the ultimate solution for a sleek, streamlined silhouette.
  • Soft and super stretchy material in the glute area designed to shape up your glutes in a flattering and natural way
  • Wide straps for added comfort that won’t dig into your shoulders.
  • A high level of compression hugs curves, reducing the waist and enhancing the glutes.
  • Offers great back coverage.
  • Triple row of hooks for perfect comfort. 3 sizes in 1
  • Lycra material ensures excellent stretch and support
  • Inner silicone lining ensures shorts stay in place
  • The lace on the shorts also smooths out the seams to make it invisible under your outfits
  • Crotch opening for when nature calls
  • product details:Do not take pain medications on an empty stomach, refrain from any lifting for at least eight weeks, and wear Jackie London Shapewear’s 3060 bodysuit.”Now, there’s an example of a doctor’s instructions following a surgical procedure, specifically if it was focused on the breasts or arms. It might sound silly, but it’s serious — this garment is plastic-surgeon-recommended! 

    The 3060 bodysuit’s interior is made of lycra, making it easy to slip it over the legs and hips and guaranteeing a soft, comfortable fit — comfort is a big plus here, whether the wearer just wants something comfortable on a daily basis or specifically needs something that will support their body post-op. Adding to the comfort are the bodysuit’s three levels of frontal hooks, giving whoever dons it the freedom to adjust their fit, with a wide perineal opening to simplify restroom visits.


    Jackie London shoppers will find this bodysuit available in one shade, mocha, and because it spans a variety of sizes — 10, to be exact — they won’t likely have much trouble finding something that fits.


    On top of that, this bodysuit has a brassiere, three-quarter-length sleeves, and shorts that reach the knee. That kind of coverage means almost the whole body is covered; the booty gets a natural-looking lift, the breasts are similarly lifted and supported, the torso is slimmed and smoothed, and the hips’ natural curves are accentuated beautifully. 




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